How we do it

Our directors and special Advisors accumulate decades worth of hands-on consulting, banking and corporate experiences in such different markets as Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Turkey and Nigeria and industries ranging from agriculture, to “Fintech” and banking.

We further strengthen our offering by partnering with senior consultants in Europe as well as in Africa, thereby providing expertise in managing the specific challenges our clients face.

We have a strategic partnership with the US based business valuation experts Sanli Pastore & Hill (SP&H) for the provision, in Nigeria, of Business valuations, transaction advisory and forensic analysis services. SP&H, founded by Nevin Sanli in 1992 and with five offices across the USA, provide companies, individuals and professionals with robust due diligence and advisory services for business transitions, succession, and mergers and acquisitions. Their clients include Fortune 1000 companies across the U.S. as well as international companies in Europe, Africa and Asia. The aim of the partnership is to bring invaluable expert advice, unrivalled research, and in-depth analyses for which SP&H’s long-standing experience in various industries will be instrumental for the successful resolution of business sales, shareholder exits, ESOP valuations as well as conflictual situations where mediation and arbitration can be supported by thorough and independent analysis.

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